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CoDigital、Mastercard Easy Savings Specialsを通じて、LINEおよびYahoo!広告で60,000円の割引を提供

2024年1月10日 - 株式会社CoDigital(本社:東京都渋谷区、代表取締役:澤木武志)は、Mastercardとの画期的なパートナーシップを発表しました。このコラボレーションは、日本の広告代理店としては初の試みであり、CoDigitalはYahoo!広告およびLINE広告での広告出稿時に割引を提供します。

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Mastercardビジネスカード保有者は、Mastercard Easy Savings Specialsを通じて、これらの広告運用支援サービスを利用できます。

Mastercard Easy Savings Specials

Easy Savings Specialsは、中小企業が時間とお金を節約するためのグローバルなビジネス向け特典プログラムです。クラウドへの移行、ビジネスの革新、物流の強化など、中小企業経営者が活用できる特典を提供しています。



Mastercard Easy Savings Specialsページをご覧ください。

LINE:CoDigitalのLINE広告特典 - Mastercard Easy Savings Specials

Yahoo!:CoDigitalのYahoo!広告特典 - Mastercard Easy Savings Specials!-ads-by-codigital



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名称 :株式会社CoDigital
住所 :〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前6-23-4 桑野ビル2階
代表 :澤木 武志
設立 :2022年4月
HP   :


English Version

Title: CoDigital Introduces Offers for Mastercard Business Cardholders - CoDigital offers a 60,000 yen saving for LINE and Yahoo! ads through Mastercard Easy Savings Specials

TOKYO, January 10, 2024 - CoDigital, inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Takeshi Sawaki) announced today a landmark partnership with Mastercard. This collaboration marks a first for a Japanese advertising agency, as CoDigital will now offer savings when advertising on Yahoo! and LINE ads.

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Mastercard Business cardholders can enjoy benefits on these advertising operation support services through Mastercard Easy Savings Specials.

Mastercard Easy Savings Specials

Easy Savings Specials is a global merchant offers program that helps small and medium enterprises save time and money. Whether they are looking to take their business to the cloud, unleash business potential or power up their logistics, there is an offer to help small business owners save.

CoDigital's LINE and Yahoo! Ads Offers

Access with your Business Mastercard, sign up for 3 months or more, and spend over ¥200,000/month to receive a 10% saving on up to ¥60,000 of your regular advertising management fee. (Terms and conditions apply.)

Visit Mastercard Easy Savings Specials Page

LINE: LINE Ads by Codigital - Offers & Privilege -Mastercard Easy Savings Specials

Yahoo!: Yahoo! Ads by Codigital - Offers & Privileges - Mastercard Easy Savings Specials!-ads-by-codigital

About CoDigital

CoDigital, Inc. is a Japanese Advertising and Marketing Agency that offers comprehensive services to both Japanese and non-Japanese companies based in Europe, North America, Latin America,Middle East, East Asia and Southeast Asia. Our offerings span the entire marketing process, from market research and st rategic planning to localization, implementation, analysis, and evaluation.

【Company Information】

Company:CoDigital, inc.
Address :〒150-0001, Kuwano Building 2F, 6-23-4, Jingu-mae, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.
Capital:JPY 1,000,000
President:Takeshi Sawaki
Founded:April 2022

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