Biomy Inc. announced membership at Johnson & Johnson Innovation - JLABS in Singapore

2024年6月14日(金)16時16分 PR TIMES

株式会社biomyはJLABS @ Singaporeへの参画を通して腫瘍微小環境の解析による新たな価値を提供していきます

Biomy Inc. has joined Johnson & Johnson Innovation - JLABS in Singapore, becoming part of the world's largest network of open innovation ecosystems, effective April 1, 2024.

Tokyo, Japan, 2024 - Biomy Inc. announced today that, effective 1st April, 2024, it has become a member of Johnson & Johnson Innovation - JLABS in Singapore (‘JLABS’). JLABS is the largest global network of open innovation ecosystems, enabling and empowering emerging companies with the knowledge, experience, partnerships, and venture connections across the spectrum of healthcare, including the pharmaceutical and medical technology sector. The company is working toward precision medicine through AI pathological analysis. The company will expand its business to the Southeast Asia area through incubation with JLABS in Singapore.

"Biomy is dedicated to advancing precision medicine through the AI analysis of pathology images. We have a particular strength in analyzing the tumor microenvironment. Additionally, we are developing a platform that enables combined analysis of spatial transcriptome data and pathology image AI. We are very excited to be a JLABS company in Singapore and look forward to delivering new value through the analysis of the tumor microenvironment." - Teppei Konishi, CEO

About Biomy Inc.
BIOMY, Inc. aims to realize personalized medicine by making full use of pathology AI analysis. With the recent progress of cancer immunotherapy and molecular targeted therapy, it has become clear that the "cancer microenvironment (TME)" that constitutes the tumor surroundings is important for drug efficacy and patient prognosis. In particular, we focus on the spatial information of the various immune cells that make up the TME for each patient. However, the TME contains tens to hundreds of thousands of cells spread across the TME, and identifying these cells and quantifying and interpreting their spatial information is difficult in daily medical practice. BIOMY is developing technologies to solve these problems by utilizing its proprietary pathology image AI technology and is conducting research to establish new validity indices and patient stratification. We are also developing analysis technologies that combine pathology images and spatial transcriptomes.

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About DeepPathFinder(TM)
DeepPathFinder(TM) is a research-oriented service that helps improve our understanding of cancer cells and the cancer immune microenvironment surrounding them. The AI implemented in DeepPathFinder(TM) detects not only epithelial cells, lymphocytes, and macrophages but also fibroblasts and plasma cells. It also assists in the detailed classification of tissue, such as tumor, necrosis, and stroma. Combining this information, the number and density of lymphocytes and fibroblasts in the stroma can be quantitatively evaluated to determine the number of immune cells present at a specific distance from the tumor. In addition, the ability to detect specific features of some driver gene mutations based on morphological characteristics has been implemented. It is also possible to combine spatial transcriptome data with pathology images for analysis.
*DeepPathFinder(TM) is for research use only
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Examples of DeepPathFinder(TM) analysis (top left: original H&E image, top right: tissue area detection, bottom left: cell detection, bottom right: analysis of cell-cell interaction by graph network)
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(日本語 プレスリリース)
株式会社biomyは、2024年4月1日付でJohnson & Johnson Innovation - JLABS @ Singapore (以下「JLABS」)に参加したことを発表した。同社は、AI病理解析による個別化医療に取り組んでいる。今後は、Johnson & Johnson Singaporeとの協業により、東南アジアエリアへの事業拡大を目指す。
"biomyは病理AI解析による個別化医療の推進に取り組んでいます。特に腫瘍微小環境の解析に強みを持っています。また、空間トランスクリプトームデータと病理画像AIを組み合わせた解析を可能にするプラットフォームを開発しています。国際的な大手製薬企業であるJ&Jと協力し、腫瘍微小環境の解析を通じて新たな価値を提供できることを大変嬉しく思います。" - 小西 哲平 CEO


■ 病理解析ソフトウェア: DeepPathFinder(TM)


代表取締役社長:小西 哲平